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Raboesch® Models

Raboesch® Models is a manufacturer that produces model ship parts and profiles & sheets for model builders. To customers of the professional sector as well as the amateur sector, the products of Raboesch® Models are known for their high quality of materials and the high level of craftsmanship.

Raboesch® Models

Marine Accessories

We deliver a wide range of brass boat propellers, available in different sizes. All products have been produced with care and precision. The bow thrusters and propeller shafts of Raboesch® Models are unique for their water tightness.

Raboesch® Models

Sheets & Profiles

Our Super Styrene profiles are produced from the polymer ASA (Acrylonitrile - Styrene - Acrylester). The sheets are made of Styrene, PVC, Polyester and Lexan. The profiles are tough, they have a high yield strength and are easy to glue.

Change of the rotation direction of the Raboesch propellers

In the illustration given below you can see the propellers, as they will be delivered from now on. For youthis means that when placing new orders you will have to keep this in mind. If for example you were to,order a right-side propeller then you will get the propeller, which previously was called the left-side propeller.